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Happy Bum Hormone Support

What’s in the Hormone Balancing blend?

Happy Bum Hormone blend is made from only organic, high quality ingredients that support your body to flourish. The ingredients include: Fenugreek,Withania Somnifera, Siberian ginseng, Inulin, Maca, Beetroot and Lemon juice powder.

Who should use the Happy Bum Hormone blend?

Happy Bum Hormone blend should be a staple for all women to help support their endocrine systems. Hormonal issues are creeping more and more into everyday life with diets high in processed foods, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Stress levels are soaring through the roof and chemical exposure is at record highs with most women leaving the house in the morning already being exposed to over 186 different chemicals. This blend helps to relieve stress, promote healthy weight, boost moods, regular cycles, fertility and a healthy sex life! As women our bodies are always changing and it is important to support your hormones through these fluctuations as we grow and mature

How to use the product:

This blend can be taken orally as a tea, used in the Happy Bum Bag or Bulb.

300ml = 1/2 Tbsp of Happy Bum Hormone Support Blend

600ml = 1 Tbsp of Happy Bum Hormone Support Blend

Bring water to a boil.
Add Happy Bum Calm Blend to water and stir well. (see ratios above)
Allow to steep in Happy Bum Plunger until the solution has cooled to body temperature. (37-38 degrees)
Strain using Happy Bum Plunger.
Place in Happy Bum Bulb or Bag and perform enema as directed.
Hold for 15min and release if using your Happy Bum Bag, OR hold and retain using Happy Bum Bulb for full benefits.

Add 1 Tbsp of Happy Bum Hormone Blend into your plunger and strain with boiling water to drink as a tea.

How often should you use Happy Bum Hormone Balance?

Happy Bum Hormone Blend can be used as often as needed to support your endocrine system. Some women find it beneficial to do Hormone Blend Bulbs in the week leading up to their cycles to help relieve symptoms of PMS. Hormone blend can be done 1-2x a week in an enema or bulb to help maintain vitality and hormonal health, but those seeking deeper results for increasing libido, reducing symptoms of menopause, more serious hormonal imbalances and fertility should try to use the blend daily or 3-4x a week for a period of time.

Each person has individual needs so make sure to listen to your body and consult your health practitioner for specific advice as this is general only.

What are the benefits?

Relieves symptoms of PMS
Helps to clear acne and breakouts
Naturally improves fertility
Increase Libido
Helps to balance hormones during Menopause
Supports Endometriosis Flare Ups
Supports Anxiety and depression symptoms using relaxing and mood boosting ingredients
Supports Postpartum and breastfeeding mothers and contains ingredients that naturally boost milk supply


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About Happy Bum Hormone Support

Happy Bum Hormone blend is designed to support healthy hormone function. Your hormones are tiny chemical messengers that relay important messages throughout the body to tell your cells what to do. Hormones are essential for both physical and mental health. They keep your body and your emotions in check. Even a small change in your hormones can have serious health effects, think of it like a recipe – too much or too little of an ingredient can affect the final dish!

Hormones affect your growth, brain function, metabolism, stress response, fertility, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, libido, menopause, bone density, energy levels, mental health, sleep, blood sugar levels, and so much more.

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by a poor diet and lifestyle, insufficient sleep, trauma, stress and chemical exposure. Minimising your exposure to EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals) like pesticides, herbicides, chemical cleaning products, certain plastic and food storage wrappers, non-stick pans, old cookware, and many anti-bacterial products can minimise the risk and impact of hormone imbalances.

Detoxifying the body can help to remove these harmful substances, unburden the organs and regain balance to the endocrine system. Coffee enemas can be a powerful detoxifier for these disruptors, and the Happy Bum Hormone Blend works to support your endocrine system back to health and vitality.

Your body is always sending you signals, if you are suffering from irregular periods, painful menstrual cycles, mood swings, low libido, weight issues, insomnia, weight gain, acne, infertility, hot flashes, hair loss or increased hair growth these are all signs that you may have a hormone imbalance.


Fenugreek- helps lower blood sugar levels, boost testosterone, can help boost breastmilk production.

Withania Somnifera- helps support emotional stress, reduce insomnia, reduces feelings of anxiety, anti-aging, promotes relaxation.

Siberian ginseng – known as an "adaptogen" it can help reduce the bodies resistance to daily stress. It has Immune boosting properties, reduces risk of diabetes, can help prevent colds, decrease blood glucose levels, fights viral infections

Inulin- type of pre-biotic that feeds good bacteria, improves digestive health, controls blood sugar, may increase calcium absorption, potential to lower risk of colon cancer.

Maca – libido boosting, may increase fertility, helps reduce menopause symptoms including hot flushes and dryness, boosts energy and endurance, may reduce blood pressure, high antioxidant levels fights free radicals.

Beetroot – Helps boost production of sex hormones - oestrogen, progesterone, and small amount of testosterone. May help lower symptoms of menopause, lowers blood pressure, oxygenates the blood and promotes brain function, improves athletic performance, encourages blood flow, anti inflammatory, liver health, supports weight loss.

Lemon juice powder – rich in vitamin c, immune boosting, improves skin, blood pressure control, supports weight loss and alkalinity.

How to use your Happy Bum Hormone Support using your Bulb or Enema Bag!

Happy Bum Bulb and Bag to use with your Happy Bum Hormone Support!