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Happy Bum Calm

This blend is designed to help support a healthy stress response and increase emotional wellbeing. Calm the nervous system, reduce feelings of anxiety and promote restful sleep. Stressed out? Overwhelmed? This is for you!


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About Happy Bum Calm

We all need a little more calm in our lives. Whether it’s a time out from racing after the kids, working yourself to the bone, feeling the constant pressures of life or trying to please everyone, we all need a minute to stop, recenter and find our calm.

Happy Bum Calm is designed to help calm the nervous system, support a healthy stress response, reduce feelings of anxiety, promote a restful sleep and increase emotional wellbeing. If you are stressed out, have high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, are suffering from anxiety, struggling to relax and wind down or living in constant “fight or flight” mode, this incredible blend is for you.

Stress can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health as it is one of the leading causes of inflammation. Over time this can lead to many serious health conditions as your body fatigues under constant pressure. Learning how to manage stress in a healthy way and support your body’s natural stress response can lead to a much greater sense of vitality, energy, wellbeing and happiness.


Tulsi – reduces stress and anxiety, promotes mental balance, sleep, immune boosting, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, can protect body against toxic chemicals, may also prevent growth of cancerous cells, lower cholesterol, targets metabolic stress, helps with weight loss, eases inflammation and joint pain, reduce effects of stress induced stomach ulcers

Valerian Root – helps with sleep disorders, reduce insomnia, reduces anxiety, stress

Passional Flower – anxiety and insomnia, calms stomach ulcers,

Lavender – insomnia, anxiety, chemotherapy side effects, Headaches, moods

Inulin – helps the body absorb magnesium and calcium, constipation support

Magnesium Citrate – constipation support, calms nerves, relax muscles

Withania Somnifera – reduce anxiety, reduce stress, increase vitality and youth, skin conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, lower blood pressure, may stop cell growth for certain cancers, Alzheimer's prevention

L-Lycine – essential amino acid, blocks stress receptors, reduce anxiety, increased calcium absorption – good for women with osteoporosis

Reishi Mushroom extract – immune boosting (increase activity of type of white blood cell called natural killer cells which fight infections and cancer in the body), anti cancer properties, increase energy, depression support and mood boost,

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