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What’s in the Biotic Blend?

The Happy Bum Biotic is a Pre & Pro Biotic blend which repopulates the gut with good bacteria which is essential for a healthy gut microbiome, especially when detoxing regularly. This product supports healthy nutrient absorption, laying the foundation for a good immune system and supports constipation, IBS and IBD.Within the Biotic blend is a Prebiotic Fibre called Acacia Gum. The Probiotic element is LactoSpore Bacillus coagulant, MTCC 5856 with 2 Billion CFU per serve. This blend is specially formulated locally within Australia with Enema Bulb usage at the forefront. It is safe to drink orally in a smoothie although taste is not guaranteed.  This blend is not to be strained or mixed with boiling water. 

Who should use the Biotic Blend?

The Biotic Bulb is recommended for anyone detoxing regularly through enemas or other Colon Hydrotherapy methods. This blend would also be of benefit to anyone healing from an illness, antibiotic usage, those with a low or weakened immunity, healing from a gut bug or chronic diarrhea. 

How to use the Biotic Blend

All preparation instructions come on the Biotic packaging. This blend does not need to be strained, simply stir into cooled filtered or boiled water and pour into your bulb to retain, not release. 

We have a great step by step tutorial on our Youtube Channel via the following link:

How often should it be used?

It is recommended that this product is used every 3 days if doing regular Water or Coffee Enemas. You can do a bulb straight after a big release each time, or as desired. Doing a regular enema before a bulb ensures you are able to hold the blend with ease. The aim is to not release this solution.

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of good gut bacteria are endless! If your gut is happy, your brain is happy. A strong gut microbiome further strengthens your immune system, energy levels and encourages frequent bowel motions. This product supports healthy nutrient absorption, laying the foundation for a good immune system and supports constipation, IBS and IBD. Try yours today!


Bundle & Save!

Pre & Probiotic Blend to replenish after detoxing and to improve gut health. Use with your Happy Bum Bulb.

Happy Bum Biotic is a specialty pre and probiotic blend designed for use in your Happy Bum Bulb to implant and retains colonising friendly bacteria into the colon. This is very powerful for creating a healthy gut microbiome, replenishing good bacteria after detoxing or simply improve gut health, immune health, and overall wellbeing.



  • To be used with your Happy Bum Bulb
  • 1 bag is 200g
  • Bulb Blend only


Prebiotic Fibre (Acacia Gum)


Probiotics are one of the few supplements that are popularised as a way to maintain ones health, as a whole. LactoSpore is one such clinically validated and commercial probiotic preparation from Sabinsa, containing L(+) lactic acid producing microbial preparation from Bacillus coagulans, MTCC 5856 (earlier known to be Lactobacil/us sporogenes).

2 Billion CFU per serve

Formulated right here in Australia.

How to use your Happy Bum Bulb & Biotic Blend

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