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Looking to start Enemas? Meet your new gut health and wellbeing every day essential…the Happy Bum Bag!

What is an Enema? This product is designed to be quick, easy and effective for removing compaction and built up waste within the Colon. The Happy Bum Bag is a premium silicon bag which can hold up to 2 litres of water/solution. The bag comes with various insertion tips, a hose that attaches, and a white clamp which is used to control the speed of the flow entering the colon. This clamp is very important for the success of your enemas and we recommend going slowly to begin your journey. 

Who is an Enema kit useful for? An enema kit is great for anyone wishing to experience optimal health! Enemas can be used to relieve digestion discomfort caused by constipation, IBS symptoms, parasite symptoms, low energy, inflammation, hormone imbalances, skin condition flare ups, arthritis, joint pain, healing from substance abuse, the list goes on! 

How to use an Enema Kit?

The Happy Bum Bag is your go-to for Water and Coffee Enemas. When filled with purified water, held and then released in the toilet, a water enema is the perfect, non toxic and immediate solution for constipation. This can also help re-tone the colon muscles necessary for peristalsis. Happy Bum Bags are portable and therefore the perfect travel companion to help prevent constipation when you are away from home and out of routine. For those who suffer with lazy bowels, enemas may be performed whenever necessary or as advised by your health professional. They were standard medical practice prior to the introduction of pharmaceutical laxatives which although more convenient pose harmful side effects including dependency, irritation and laziness of the bowel.

You may choose to put therapeutic blends within your Enema bag such as the Happy Bum Soothing Turmeric, Happy Bum Calm, Happy Bum Hormone Blend and Happy Bum Gut Greens. All step by step instructions are provided with each kit, and various tutorials are available via our Instagram, Youtube and Facebook account.

How often is recommended for usage?

You may use this product as often as required based on your personal health goals. For the severely constipated, it is recommended to complete Water or Coffee Enema’s daily until the compaction is removed or you are feeling physically better and more comfortable. To maintain a healthy digestive system and lifestyle we recommend doing 1-3 enemas weekly or as necessary. It is strongly recommended to repopulate the Gut with good bacteria with frequent enema usage. This can be achieved through a diverse, organic diet with plenty of ferments consumed, taking a Probiotic orally or using our Enema Bulb to retain our Happy Bum Biotic Blend 2-3 times a week.

What are the benefits? The benefits of cleansing the body, removing harmful toxins and build up are never ending. By removing old waste that is left on the walls of the colon over the years your body is able to absorb nutrients more effectively, leading to higher energy levels, feeling light and energised and strengthening the immune system. Specific results and benefits are dependent on how often you use your enema kit, what blends you use and various other lifestyle factors.


Premium 2 Litre BPA Free Silicon Enema Kit. Each kit comes with a carry bag, 3 replacement tips, hanging hook and user guide.


Full refund for returns within 30 days of purchase. Enema kit must be unopened and in original packaging for return. Buyer pays postage. Faulty products refunded in full.



In stock (can be backordered)

Bundle & Save!


Your Grand Wholesale Bundle Includes:

  • 20x Happy Bum Bag – Complete Enema Kit
  • 20x Happy Bum Bulb Kit
  • 20x Happy Bum Beans
  • 20x Happy Bum Soothe Blend
  • 20x Happy Bum Gut Scrub
  • 20x Happy Bum Biotic Blend
  • 20x Happy Bum Mag
  • 20x Happy Bum Plunger
  • 20x Happy Hose Kit

About Your Ultimate Gut Health Bundle - What's in the Box!


Happy Bum Bag

Premium 2 Litre BPA Free Silicone Enema Kit. Each kit comes with a carry bag, 3 replacement tips, a hanging hook, and a user guide. For regular use, enema tips should be replaced every 3-4 months. *Use as directed.

Happy Bum Soothe

Anti Inflammatory enemas are a simple and effective way to help lower inflammation in the body via absorbing an anti inflammatory solution through the colon. Our Happy Bum Blend - Anti Inflammatory is made up of all organic tried and true natural anti inflammatories and has achieved excellent results from many of our Happy Bums suffering from chronic inflammation!

Happy Bum Beans

Coffee enemas are can help to assist the body in eliminating harmful parasites and candida (yeast), fungus, boost antioxidant levels, and can help detoxify the liver. Coffee enemas can aid with gut issues, relieve bloating, and increase energy levels. They are also used in the Gerson Therapy for alternative cancer therapy.

Happy Bum Gut Scrub

Happy Bum Gut Scrub, also known as Diatomaceous Earth (food grade fossil shell flour) is made up of a natural mix of minerals rich in silica, calcium, magnesium zinc, and iron. These are essential to help support hair growth, healthy skin, strong bones, and healthy teeth! Diatomaceous Earth may be very beneficial to help eliminate bloating, parasites, and other digestive discomforts.

Happy Bum Bulb

The Happy Bum Bulb is designed to quickly and easily insert a small amount of therapeutic solution 250- 330ml into your colon with the aim to retain, not release for therapeutic benefits. It is an extremely effective way to administer probiotics, herbs, essential oils, etc straight into your bloodstream. Solutions administered in an implant using your Happy Bum Bulb can reach your liver in minutes as they are absorbed straight through the rectal veins. In this way, you bypass the stomach and small intestine, and the solution keeps its full potency. This can be done any time of the day but is super easy to do the last thing at night, and then go to sleep while you absorb the solution. Happy Bum Bulbs can be used for probiotics, anti-inflammatory, stress relief, restful sleep herbs, etc.

Happy Bum Biotic

Happy Bum Biotic is a specialty pre and probiotic blend designed for use in your Happy Bum Bulb to implant and retains colonising friendly bacteria into the colon. This is very powerful for creating a healthy gut microbiome, replenishing good bacteria after detoxing, or simply improve gut health, immune health, and overall wellbeing.




Select and prepare the enema solution you would like to use.



Assemble your Happy Bum Bag enema kit referencing the User Guide if needed.



Hang your Happy Bum Bag so gravity will carry the solution in.



Lubricate and insert the tip of the hose into your rectum. Release the clamp and let flow.



Water enemas, release immediately, blends, hold for 10-15min then release on the toilet.



Clean, dry and store your Happy Bum Bag in it's carrying bag for future use.

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Happy Bum Blends to use with your Happy Bum Bulb.