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Leaky Gut, PCOS, Constipation & Eczema – Sorayah, 25

Internally I feel much better when I do them. I really feel the difference. I have lost some weight, and believe me it’s not easy when I am impeded from exercise in a meaningful way. Atm, my musculoskeletal pain issues are severe, and I’m happy that the meds I have to take don’t stay too long in residual amounts in my system. Thanks again for your help.

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Coffee enemas can be used to support liver detoxification, boosting antioxidants, binding to free radical cells and fighting off candida and parasites. To prepare, use plunger to make organic coffee by adding two tablespoons of coffee grinds into the glass pot of the plunger and fill with boiling water. Let stand for 3-5 minutes. Place lid…

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How to Prepare a PURIFIED WATER Enema

How to do a purified water enema for all natural, chemical free constipation relief. Fill your Happy Bum Bag with purified water, insert the tip and allow the solution into your colon. Repeat as many times as required. This can also be a good tool to clear the colon before a coffee or holding another…

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