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How Enemas Can Support Your Cancer Journey


Let’s talk about the C word… Cancer

It’s the word that makes all of our stomachs drop, and hits close to home as we all know the devastating effects this disease 

According to the Australian Cancer Council, Cancer is the leading cause for death worldwide and in 2020, and in Australia it was estimated that there were just under 150,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed and just under 50,000 deaths from cancer! Another scary statistic…One in two Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85!

So what is Cancer and what causes it? Cancer is a diverse group of several hundred diseases in which some of the body’s cells become abnormal and begin to multiply out of control. The abnormal cells can invade and damage the tissue around them, and spread to other parts of the body, causing further damage and sometimes death. There is no one single cause for cancer, however there are a number of known factors that can cause cancer. Genetics and family history, can play a part, however, lifestyle and environment factors such poor diet, not enough exercise, smoking/alcohol, heavy stress and exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to chronic inflammation can also have a significant impact.

Chronic inflammation and toxicity within the body can be the root cause of most diseases and health conditions which is why detoxification is so vital to eliminate built up toxicity and reduce acidity or inflammation in the body. 

There are various approaches to treating cancer. These include conventional treatment and medicines, such as surgery, radiation, Chemotherapy, and Hormone Therapy, and complimentary approaches which combine conventional medicine and Complementary/alternative therapies such as naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy. For some, using alternative therapies are used instead of conventional “medical” treatments and there are many personal, anecdotal stories of successful cancer healing using alternative therapies such as the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson therapy has been used by many people to treat cancer and other diseases. It is a specific therapy that combines eating a diet high in organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, juicing, supplementation, and treatments such as coffee enemas to remove toxic substances from the body. 

You may be thinking, how can putting coffee up your bum help? We get it. 

Coffee enemas have been around for centuries, so they aren’t new to us whatsoever. The theory behind them is to activate the liver to produce bile and in turn detoxify our bodies.

The liver is perhaps the most important organ in the body; with its main role being detoxification. Coffee enemas relieve the body of toxins and help detox the liver by opening the bile ducts so the liver can release toxins and boost the elimination of free radicals that have accumulated over years of wrong eating, drinking, medications. 

Let’s re-wind the clock

Doctors at the university of Minnesota, headed by Lee W. Watternberg, revealed that coffee could stimulate an enzyme system in the liver called Glutathione by 600-700% above normal activity levels. This enzyme reacts with cell damaging free radicals in the blood stream, makes them inert, and prevents further impairment.  The bile which is produced flushes the body as free radicals are neutralised and dissolved in such bile.

To further support the use of enemas – an article from 1929 in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported by investigators at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York that a variety of different enema solutions, such as coffee, cause an increase of bile flow from the liver! 

So, here are the reasons Cancer Patients may benefit from regular use of Enemas:

  • Build immunity
  • Balance the repair of the liver and tissues
  • Help the body get rid of toxins 
  • Reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver
  • Get rid of toxins that come from the intestines after chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Minimise inflammation within the body 

At the end of the day, if taking a cuppa coffee up your bum may help your body fight off cancer and make your immune system stronger, why wouldn’t you try it? As with most natural therapies there are very few downsides, and from our research within our own personal Happy Bum Community we know that positive results are possible.

As always, do what feels best for you.

Recommended Enemas for Cancer:

Coffee Enemas – as mentioned above may help to detoxify the liver and boost immune system

Anti Inflammatory Enemas/Bulb – Helps reduce inflammation in the body and soothe.

Happy Healing Happy Bums!

(Don’t forget to share your story with us if you haven’t already if you’ve seen positive results from using your coffee and anti inflammatory enemas for Cancer or any other condition! We’d love to hear from you!!)




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