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Bloating & Constipation – My Story -Sheila, 35


What have you been suffering from?

Slow moving bowel and pain in gut and stomach

How long have you been doing enemas for?

7 months

What is your routine?

Every 2 days! Occasionally daily. I do enemas along with colonics – 2x month

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

More extensive releases! I barely go on my own, so I rely on the enemas to release properly.

What types of enemas have you been doing?

Purified water and coffee!

Tell us a little about your overall experience.

The Happy Bum kit is so easy to use! It was months before I opened up my kit because I was so daunted by it. However, once I did it was so simple to put together – the instructions were clear. Not painful at all. Maybe awkward at first, if you’ve never had a colonic. The feeling of detoxing regularly and having a clear bowel is so good. I’ve become more intuitive with my body and in tune to when I require a release. Highly recommended!



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