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Can I use my Happy Bum if I have Gastro?


As Gastro starts to make its way through workplaces, schools and the rest of the population, it’s essential to have the right tools to fight back and to understand what you are dealing with.

“Gastro” the common term for Gastroenteritis is an infection of the stomach and intestines that has a number of causes. It can be caused by bacteria (such as salmonella), which is found in food left unrefrigerated for too long or undercooked chicken. Viruses, such as rotavirus and norovirus, this is the most common cause and easily spread, parasites (such as Giardia) from drinking contaminated water, or chemicals (toxins from poisonous mushrooms). It is highly contagious but usually not life threatening. Most gases of gastro last 2-3 days and do not need medical attention.

Gastro can involve both diarrhoea and/or vomiting, and other symptoms as well including nausea, fever, fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite. It is actually inflammation of the digestive tract, so that is why it affects both your stomach and intestines.

So, now that we know what it is and where it comes from, how can we use our Happy Bum Co products to help fight it and soothe our intestines? Great question, we’re so glad you ask. (Actually we wrote this post as we had SO many of our Happy Bum’s writing in to us!)

How can my Happy Bum Bag & Bulb Help me recover from Gastro?

Reduce Inflammation – Anti inflammatory enemas and bulb retentions may help to absorb therapeutic and soothing herbs such as turmeric into the colon to soothe and ease muscle cramping from diarrhoea. Camomile in our anti inflammatory blend is great for this, and all properties will help reduce the irritation and inflammation caused by the Gastro injection in your intestines directly at the source.

Turmeric or Curcumin is also an essential ingredient of the anti inflammatory blend. Turmeric is proven to help fight off harmful invaders (such as Gastro) and help us reduce inflammation in the body. Turmeric has been shown to be anti viral when taken in high quantities and absorbed (like in your enema retentions) and has been shown to actually help prevent Gastro.

Enemas that are Anti Viral: Lemon juice, apple cider and garlic enemas are both anti viral and bacterial. This can help to fight the injection and aid recovery. Garlic enemas are also anti parasitic so if Gastro was from a parasite this can be helpful.

Hydration – A major concern for those suffering with Gastro is dehydration from the continuous vomiting and diahorrea. A water enema can be hydrating when held, electrolytes could also be added to the water to help support the body to rehydrate immediately.

Replenish Good Bacteria– A probiotic implant in the bulb can help to fight the bad bacteria in your colon from Gastro and help your body to fight and stables your gut. The bulb allow the probiotics to go straight to where they need to be so none are lost during digestion from the top down.

Other tips include drinking as much water as possible to help flush out the infection, alkalising the body with green juices or a greens powder and of course rest!

A healthy body that is well maintained will fight any infection or virus better than one that is already overloaded and toxic. Start your detox for prevention and use your Happy Bum Co products to keep your body feeling great all the time!




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