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Fibromyalgia & Pain Management – My Story -Leonie, 62


What have you been suffering from?

Chronic pain issues and fibromyalgia.

How long have you been doing enemas for?

4 months approximately

What is your routine?

I used to do my enemas around 2pm. I would make sure I was well hydrated. I have only just been able to eliminate naturally. My stool previous to enemas was very dry and impacted. So, I am happy to have had relief! I have recently changed my time to 9am or so. Helps me to start the day well, and it’s not divided into waiting to do it!

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

Pain management is my goal, and the enema therapy has helped reduce the fibromyalgia pain significantly. I used to have extremely painful hands and tops of my feet, and knees. Hubby would rub magnesium oil into my feet every night. About a week into enemas, I found massive improvement in pain, and rarely need help with that one anymore! Yay!
Internally I feel much better when I do them. I really feel the difference. I have lost some weight, and believe me it’s not easy when I am impeded from exercise in a meaningful way. Atm, my musculoskeletal pain issues are severe, and I’m happy that the meds I have to take don’t stay too long in residual amounts in my system. Thanks again for your help.

What types of enemas have you been doing?

Coffee, peppermint organic tea, chamomile tea, warm water, Apple cider vinegar… Wow! Be prepared to move!
When I get some feelings of constipation I use a few drops of organic citrus body wash. Doterra Lavender oil.

Tell us a little about your overall experience.

I am going to use colonic irrigation when I am more mobile and in less debilitating pain. I have been told by some lovely people on the website that it’s a game changer, so that’s my goal to further enhance my routine and success.



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