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How can enemas help improve my skin?


Did you know your gut health is directly linked to your skin?

Your skin is your body’s largest detox organ and is sometimes referred to as the “mirror to the rest of the body.”

When the liver and colon are overloaded, toxins leak elsewhere and look for an alternate route to escape. Cue the pimples and poor skin.

By eliminating the toxins from the liver and colon via an enema, your body is no longer overloaded and the skin no longer has to clear them itself. Enemas cleanse the colon, liver, and blood, there are many different recipes you can use to improve your skin! It’s time to focus on the inside, rather than what we put on from the outside. Topical creams and ointments only work on a surface basis and don’t tackle the underlying root cause which is likely linked to the gut.

Anti-inflammatory and coffee enemas can also help reduce inflammation which could also be linked to skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. It is also believed that some skin conditions could be parasitic and therefore eliminating parasites from the gut can also improve skin conditions and dermatitis. Hormonal acne can also be greatly improved by doing a number of different types of enemas and cleansing the colon regularly. Coffee enemas are also anti-parasitic or you could introduce some herbs or oils to support this.

For any skin condition, give you Happy Bum Bag a try! Natural solutions that do no harm are the best place to start.

Happy skin cleansing!




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