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I have cancer, what enemas can I do?


If you are one of the many people looking to join our Happy Bum Community to support your body to fight or recover from cancer naturally, you are in the right place!

It has been shown that enemas are a great way to support all parts of the cancer journey through detoxification, reduction in the inflammation and eliminating the toxic load on the body from radiation and chemo therapy treatments.

So, which enemas are right for you?

Coffee Enemas – The most common enema our cancer fighters choose is the coffee enema. This has gained much traction and attention for its healing powers through the Gerson therapy, which the organic coffee solution is held in the colon for 15 minutes to stimulate the liver bile ducts to dump toxicity. The properties of the organic coffee when absorbed through the rectal veins straight into the liver are also shown to bind to the free radical cancer cells and can help to eliminate them from the body. This makes them a powerful choice for our cancer warriors!

How often should you be doing coffee enemas? Those looking to really proactively fight cancer naturally should definitely be doing them at least once a day. The Gerson therapy recommends up the 4 times a day. The more toxicity you can remove the better, but it will depend on how you feel and your body. Just remember to also be nourishing your body with plant based, low inflammatory foods and juices and to replace beneficial bacteria as well during your detoxing.

Coffee enemas can also be helpful for clearing out toxicity absorbed from radiation treatments.

Anti Inflammatory Enemas – it’s a known fact that chronic inflammation and causes and feeds disease. Cancer is no exception. Inflammation feeds cancer cells and therefore our powerful blend of anti inflammatory enemas and implants are exactly what the body needs to fight this inflammation. Anti inflammatory enemas and implants can be done as often as needed, and you can even add in some of your favourite therapeutic grade essential oils such as Frankincense to make them even more potent.

Water enemas – if you have found throughout your journey that your bowels are not moving regularly, you may find great relief in a simple water enema. This is a good way to flush the body gently, remove toxins and waste matter from the colon and relieve symptoms of gas, bloating and indigestion.

Although the road ahead may seem long, remember to just take it step by step.

Allow your body time and space to heal, we wish you the best on your healing journey and our Happy Bum Community is here to support you! Once you’ve purchased your Happy Bum Co products, join our worldwide community and be inspired by those who are healing themselves everyday just like you.

Happy Enema’ing!

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