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Enemas during pregnancy:

In my own personal experience, enemas have been extremely helpful during this process both in preparation, fertility and conception to managing constipation during the pregnancy.

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10 ways a DIY Enema kit is going to change your life:

Ok if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably suffered from constipation or gut trouble at some point in your life. Whether or not you ate something bad and wished you could get it to quickly exit your body or if cant seem to control when your bowels gets the urge and find yourself in embarrassing situations or whether you got stressed, you ate too many emotional bread-rolls and then spent the next few days sitting on the toilet praying for some action… your DIY enema kit is going to be your new best friend for SO many reasons!

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How often can you do an enema?

An enema is a tool to help with your gut health, inflammation or whatever it is that you are suffering from. An enema can help you achieve greater health and wellbeing from just about any condition however, each of you will have a different goal to achieve.

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ABOUT THIS BLEND Excellent for joint pains and all types of inflammation including colitis, anti-inflammatory enemas may be very soothing to the body. IDEAL FOR People who suffer from: – Autoimmune Disease– Cancer– Diabetes– Joint, back and muscle pain– Chronic inflammation– Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Irritable Bowel Disease– Ulcerative Colitis– Crohns Disease INGREDIENTS – OPTION 1 1 Litre…

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