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Top 5 Reasons you should invest in an enema kit for everyday use.


Enema kits are a fashion of the past, used primarily before the introduction of pharmaceutical drugs but they are making a comeback and for good reason. Now more than every people are looking for ways to take back control of their own health and improve their body’s detoxification, organ function and optimal wellbeing.

Prior to the take over of antibiotics, pills and prescriptions, enemas were used by doctors and nurses in many ways to help the body detoxify.

Enemas were given before any surgery to insure the bowel was empty. Women were also given enemas in labour prior to giving birth to free the pathway for the baby. Coffee enemas were introduced in WWI after their discovery that patients were healing faster and experiencing benefits from having the coffee internally.

Nowadays, life is very different. We face a whole new rang of challenges, mainly related to since the introduction of processed foods, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics. Although “wonders” at the time of creation, all convenience comes at a price so the after affects of cheap, quick food that lasts forever on the shelf and popping a pill for every ailment are quickly appearing problematic for our gut health. Stress levels as a society have also risen and our reliance on technology and sedentary lifestyles contributes to the vast number of people who struggle with their physical and emotional health.

Constipation, IBS, bloating and diarrhoea are now a common complaint among many and it’s no wonder they are looking for alternatives to improve these somewhat embarrassing and debilitating conditions for which modern medicine has no answer.


Here are 5 Reasons you should invest in an enema kit to improve your health from the inside out:

1. Immediate relief – enemas consist of one large fill of water (or other solution) and then release on the toilet. This can bring relief in a matter of minutes, as old waste, gas and bacteria gets released into the toilet. For those who are constipated or get uncomfortable wind pain, this works miracles. Gone are the days of waiting for your laxatives to kick in, simple fill and release.

2. Portable – Travel for work or don’t want to get bloated on a weekend away with your special someone? You can bring your enema kit with you! No need to stress about looking bloated in that dress, you can do an enema before you leave which can also relieve anxiety for those with IBS or unpredictable bowels.

3. Versatile – Your enema bag is not only for constipation and the manual release of your bowels, but has so many therapeutic uses as well! You can fill it with organic coffee for a liver detox or to assist the body to bind to free radical cells (which is why they are used in the Gerson therapy for cancer), organic turmeric and ginger tea to reduce inflammation in the body and calm the gut. This can be so beneficial with people suffering from fibromyalgia, joint pain, back pain and auto immune disease where the body is creating inflammation and fighting itself. If you have stress, anxiety or trouble sleeping a couple drops of organic lavender will send you off to sleep, tulsi or other calming herbs before bed can also help you relax. The list is endless, with natural remedies absorbed in an enema bag it provides a range of different therapeutic benefits that taking them orally lacks. Probiotic enemas can also help to improve skin and hormonal acne. Your Happy Bum Bag can be used to help treat just about anything!

4. Non Toxic – enemas contain no chemicals, toxins or side effects that have ever been recorded. Unlike their laxative and pharmaceutical counterparts, enemas are safe for all ages, regular use and do not pose a threat to the body when used as directed. Although persons with existing health conditions should seek advice prior to use, as long as you are following protocol you should have nothing to worry about. Ignore all the rubbish you read from med journals online who have no interest in natural treatments and vested interests in drug companies. Enemas have no general side effects, do not create dependency in the bowel and can actually help to tone and hydrate the colon for better peristalsis on its own. At the end of the day it’s purified water up ya butt and right back out. Or with a few herbs. They can’t patten it, so they don’t promote it.

5. Freedom – enemas give you the freedom to take control of your own health and feed your gut with exactly what it needs. When I first started doing enemas, it was just to get me through the discomfort of bloating and constipation I felt in-between my colon hydrotherapy sessions as I was severely constipated as a teenager. I needed something I could do at home, whenever I felt I needed to so I was not 100% reliant on someone else to relieve my bowels. Having my own enema kit at home, I was able to take back control of my life and manage my condition on my own terms. Freedom is so important in health. None of us like to feel stuck or helpless.

No matter what you are suffering from, there is an enema for you and having your own kit at home will bring you the freedom to change the way you feel and do something about it! No more embarrassing wind or diarrhoea when you go to your boyfriends parents place, no more sharp tummy aches which prevent you from being intimate with your partner, no more rushing to find a bathroom in the shopping centre, no more straining on the toilet for hours hoping to pass something, no more acne breakouts, no more feeling fatigued and tired with nothing you can do about it.

If those 5 reasons don’t get you excited about starting your journey with enemas and colon detoxing at home, I don’t know what will! Be empowered, be inspired. You body, your health, your life, your choice.

Time to try them out for yourself!



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